Mission Statement

The Art of Fight

Paula Fox

Visibility is key on the mountain: during hazardous conditions people are at risk of getting injured or lost. This project focusses on the safety and visibility of skiers/snowboarders on the slopes using a colour coded concept which identifies the level of a skier. Scottish mountains are notorious for thin visibility; as a solution to this problem I have integrated and investigated various lighting techniques which are also useful for night skiing safety.

Initial research began with an investigation of urban line, piste marks and jet engines with a colour palette derived from exotic birds. Employing several drawing and mark making techniques, designs were developed to be illustrative and technical making a clear distinction between research imagery to final designs.

All three collections cover a broad spectrum of designs varying from male/female skier, male/female snowboarder and unisex designs for any outdoor sport from running to cycling. My final samples are completed with pigment dyes for vibrancy / binding with various synthetic performance fabrics such as GoreTex, Polartech insolation, other waterproof derivatives and heavyweight/drill cotton.



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