Colour Coded Concept

As colour is required on the slopes to aid tracking, identification and a preventative measures to avoid accidents, PonyoSquid constructed a Ponyoception for visual coding. The title The Art of Flight was inspired by the similarities of movement between a flight path to a skier carving down a run; based on this design concept, visual sources such as jet engines, ski turns, urban graffiti and piste marks used as an illustrative inspiration with exotic birds as a source of colour.

Adopting the idea of colour corresponding to ski schools the ponyoception was for a skier to advertise their skills; green -beginner, blue – amateur and red – advanced. This would benefit skiers in several ways, for example: seeing a green runner can encourage other skiers to give them more room as beginners are unpredictable and likely to cause accidents, alternatively seeing a red runner may encourage confidence to get down the mountain or flag for assistance. Ski instructors use this type of colour representation, how can PonyoSquid visually code the skill level without looking like an instructor? PonyoSquid began to develop designs with a corresponding base colour with an illustrative subtle or contrasting pattern layer. This subtle pattern designed to represent bold colour at a distance and looking completely different from a closer perspective; a kind of mirage.





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