*A PonyoCeption is an abrupt epiphany which spurs the project forward*

Ponyoception began shortly after the first business proposal composition, from gathered market research it was evident there was a niche for the brand, if handled correctly, PonyoSquid was eligible to succeed. Originally, the brand focused on creating bespoke skiwear at affordable prices using on trend, textile pattern design, the primary aims were to innovate snow sports clientèle by making snow sports more financially accessible.

Utilizing on-site consumer feedback, this report includes evidence to support to need for colour and improved visibility on the slopes. Initial market research pays particular attention to construction, manufacturing process, environmental effect of fabric production/waterproofing techniques and eco-friendly alternatives.

Demonstrating appropriate networking skills and knowledge of industry PonyoSquid identify key techniques for promoting brand awareness; including a crash course of how to launch a successful video campaign. The brand also identifies simple and effective customer psychology methods used by other brands working within a similar market such as Melon Optics and Bawbags underwear.

Employing influence from larger brands such as Oakley and Willy Bogner, PonyoSquid  developed ponyoceptions throughout the design process while being shaped by consumer feedback acquired from first hand surveys. A documented account of the design process explains how key follower feedback helped consider alternative avenues towards technical problem solving and solutions using visual coding and electroluminescent technology.


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