Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas!

So here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening. This summer PonyoSquid have been rebuilding a business plan and redirecting our focus for a more professional start in business. These plans include updated apparel design, light technology development, studio research, grant applications and patents applications for our top secret new babies!

Ponyosquid has the honour of being short listed for th Shell LiveWIRE grand ideas award with the opportunity of winning £1000! The top winners of this award are submitted to a shortlist of the 48 Hot Entrepreneurs which go on to battle for the Young Entrepreneur of the year award. It’s not secret this is the goal.

So I need a little help..
Ponyosquid is currently in second with 114 votes despite media and social network sharing. So please be generous and spend a moment considering the girl in the hat!

Bottom row, second from the left.

Here’s the coverage article from STV describing everything I’ve done and plan to do this summer and onwards.

Follow the link for how to vote or click:

Thank you all X x x


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