Long Awaited Video -Calling All Scottish Mountains!

So here is a wee quick video I threw together to send to the mountains. Emails can be boring or accidentally ignored, but I wanted a way of conveying my enthusiasm and passion for what it is I do and about my Scottish pride.

I’m sure you guys all over the world feel as strongly about your mountains and would fight for them if there weren’t being properly represented 🙂

My up and coming videos will be finely tuned, edited, fed and watered, given a blanket and tucked in for sheer perfection and clarity.

Afterall.. it will be for kickstarter.

Gimme a like if you think I made it clear that I love my local mountains.

Also for faster updates on what it is I’m getting up to I upload everything directly to facebook as I’m printing it.


So look forward to a post full of merch pictures.

Love you Squidlings 😉 x x x


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