Still Not Dead!

Hello everyone,

I’ve promised myself to make a post for a while but I’ve been so crazy busy working towards the trade show that I seem to be burning the candle at both ends.

So here’s a post about posts..

And a post about what I’ve been doing rather than posting.

Here’s a few posts you can look forward to reading within the next wee while;

Huge thank you post.. And not just to the academy,
Blackmilk nylon post,
A ranting post about how useless people are at messing up simple tasks #stochissues,
Hail to the mountains,
And the long awake videos.

So what’s been holding me up? Other than everything going wrong, surgeries and huge facial swellings that made me look like the elephant man I have been making up what stock I can before the show. Everything else I will be produced and finishing this week.
So far I have;
Lip balms /glosses (various flavours)
Waterproofing waxes,
Ski ties,
ONE KEYRING PROTOTYPE (I hate that laser cutter),
Business cards,
Gift bags,
And I’m pity sure there is more..

So all that’s left are the buffs, ski caddies and a few other bits and bobs like bananas, prototypes and samples.

Easy peasey when you say it like that.

So here are a few pictures of what I have so far.. Enjoy x x x







Photos of clothing will follow after photoshoots and ting.

Massive thanks to all the very helpful departments of DJCAD.


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