(Matches + Lighter = Fire) Wax + Wind + Fire = Singed Hair.

Good morning my lovelies,

Here as promised are a few photos from yesterdays adventures but I’m sorry to say no videos are ready to post. I am a goon and filmed in FHD without thinking of my poor wee Netbook, Sosuke, and his limited capabilities at opening a browser never mind editing an HD video. So I have spent most of my time converting all my videos to a lower quality for editing… Just so as you know, I near set myself on fire twice and my face is priceless.

So here are a couple of wee health and safety measures I took..Image

Goggles, check. Tie yer hair up? Nah.. Pleb.


Well done you tied yer hair up after the first fire attempt. I blame the wonderful matches you have to light with a lighter. Good job SWAN šŸ˜‰

ImagePrepare your tools of war..

ImageGive spoon a complex personality…?

ImageGive him the voice of an evil super villain..ImageAdd all your other random ingredients while cursing at matches..

ImageAccidentally waterproof your leggings..

ImageMarvel at your beautiful wee creations..

And finally..

ImagePout over singed hair and the fact you smell of barbecue..

All of this was done while filming, taking photos, cursing, smoking out neighbour.. Also.. In fromt of your new flatmates window whom you haven’t met yet. She probably now thinks I’m mad.

She may be right..

All in the name of ski wax / apparel!

Videos soon bitches x x x


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