Broken bones couldn’t keep me away..

Hello Piste-junkies,

Bit of a Sweet and sentimental one for you..

Been talking to quite a few people about skiing/snowboarding injuries recently. Most people wear bright colours on the slopes to look badass against the white and blue backdrop but everyone knows, the brighter you are, the easier you are to see.

Last season I broke my shoulder pretty bad so I though I’d post a few photos;


This was my first french xray before the scary lady decided to try and pull it back out into position… Then this happened.


I spent the rest of my skiing holiday crying my eyes out.. Not because it hurt hut because my ski season was over. I’m sure you can all relate… A broken clavicle is pretty common and quite tame compared to what could have happened if I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

So after being told I needed surgery, the doctors didn’t wanna operate because of my age and the fact I am a girl.. Apparently a life with a big ass scare isn’t anything compared to a life of;
Pain is Beauty.


This was apparently it healing.. Now I just have a big lump sticking out my shoulder and chest and I can’t raise my arm as high as the other without pain.

But still.. Got out the same season 4 months before I was supposed to get back to sports…. #batshitcrazy or #badass

In the end not even broken bones can keep you away from a mountain x



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