Being Environmentally Friendly

For the last few months I’ve been looking into home made wax recipes for (environmentally friendly) water proofing and lots of other recipes for different applications like;  water proofing wax kits for shoes / bags, ski waxes and lip salves..

Ooooh lip salves.. just like lush.

This got me very excited and enthusiastic as it’s was something to do over the summer! I’m going mad without being at uni..


Also kind of intimidated to start.

So. The plan. The idea is to use for the initial materials as well as to get my ideas out there.. and.. I have thought of a substantial pledge gift list like; buffs, selection of waxes, ski bags, t-shirts to stickers and badges.

The plan of attack is to sample the products, try out recipes and them refine for Kickstarter. While not making too much of a mess..

But now I have bigger fish to fry (I don’t eat fish)…

Check out my next post for the big announcement x


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