Who am I?


This is a page dedicated the dream of creating my own ski/snowboarding apparel company based in Scotland. I am a 4th year Textile design Student at DJCAD (Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee) and a complete piste-freak.

December 2012 I was in a skiing accident and broke my clavicle impacting it by 3 inches.. The only thing that made me cry was the thought I couldn’t ski for the rest of the season. I know a lot of people can appreciate the pain and upset of being deprived of a day on the slopes, but a whole season? I was distraught.

Due to not being able to use my right arm, I was on medical leave from class for several months, being right handed they thought it would somehow hinder me in a mainly drawing influenced semester. I was still able to take part in my other modules such as Design in the Market headed by Professor Mike Press, a personal hero to many.

Throughout the module there were inspirational talks from HUGE names of design yet somehow I missed my obvious main drive which would inspire me in the market.

I design textile pattern…

I like skiing..

I hate plain ski jackets..

I make clothes..

Hmm, I wonder what I should start a business for.

So after months of market research and finally some forced time back on the slopes, it came to my attention of the rising popularity of Scottish ski resorts and the last of a Scottish ski apparel company.

Through branding, partnerships and embracing the idea of welcoming Scotland into the infancy of independence, I think I have found my ‘niche’ in the market.



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