Using the NESTA SWOT analysis, weaknesses are highlighted to demonstrate which areas to focus on, change or plan further as a way of turning issues into strengths. Found weaknesses for PonyoSquid

consist of competition from bigger well known brands, low market profile and cash flow/profit of a season product. So far it is clear there is no competition in the UK for a snow apparel brand but statistics show there is a rising need demonstrated by a huge increase in Scottish mountain resorts popularity. In 2010 there was a rise of 20,000 visitors during mid season at Aviemore resort alone also BBC sports reveal a 750,000 boost in UK sports participation since the 2012 Olympics. With winter conditions changing Scotland is becoming more popular than French resorts during late season, this year the BBC have forecast Scottish Ski resorts, particularly Glenshee, may stay open until as late as June. Within this change of seasonal weather and popularity lies opportunity.

Glenshee is the largest resort in Scotland, with 24 lifts it is known as the four valleys of Scotland, it has it’s own souvenir brand ‘Bawbags’. Bawbags is a Scottish founded company from 2006, a kitsch novelty brand aimed at young people who like to fall over on the slopes and is now a popular underwear brand. What I have learned from this is consumer psychology: after a day of skiing people are likely to relax in resort villages, with elevated adrenaline / excitement; consumers are more inclined to spend money on souvenirs or for their next mountain experience.

As a marketing and branding idea with the ambition of forming partnerships, PonyoSquid could work in collaboration with the resort;

Resort Stores (for a % of profit)

Sponsorships (Ski Schools and Teams)

Rental Shops

Parties and Special occasions (Stag parties, birthdays, weddings or holidays)

This would generate money for the resort which would help to improve / maintain facilities on the mountain as popularity rises. Buying advertising space on the mountain such as; crash nets, flags, posters could spread the PonyoSquid label exponentially across the UK resulting in online traffic and leading to interest from outside the UK.

Manufacturing partnerships is something which has to be considered in greater detail after prototyping, fabric sampling / testing / quality and colour samples from different digital print sources for the best result. With further research it will also become easier to get a picture of time frame from printing fabric to mass production manufacturing after prototyping. Mass production after prototyping is a more realistic option to ensure consistency in the products, this is key for quality control. In future it would be an aspiration for PonyoSquid to have its own fabric digital print facilities, this would only be possible after reinvesting profit into the business to save future outgoing costs.

business blueprint


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