Initial Market Research

PonyoSquid is an outdoor/winder apparel company focused on creating quality skiwear with on trend textile pattern design at an affordable price. The company aims are to encourage and inspire people to be safer on the slopes with high visibility colour design and to innovate the snow sports clientele by making the sport more financially accessible. PonyoSquid will aim to embody it’s most important values;



Designs FOR the consumer

Lifestyle and fashion

Functionality at an affordable price

To get a better idea of the need/requirement I went out to get some first hand market research at Glenshee Ski Resort Aberdeenshire and asked skiers and snow boarders first hand what the most important qualities of snow wear and why they thought it was a necessity. The most common responses

were regarding identification; if you have crashed and need to be spotted by ski patrol if you are unable to call for help, bright colours which stand out against the snow (particularly with some reflective aesthetical element). Another important aspect of colour identification is for ski groups or teams. All resorts encourage people to stay in groups and never to ski alone, having a ‘signature colour combo’ or pattern aids people to keep track of exactly where their friends are or if someone has fallen behind. There was particular mention of wearing your colour/pattern combo being easier to find rather than a crew in black jackets.

Fashion is a requirement in our daily lives, it is our identity and style, this can also be said for the slopes. Skiing has always been associated with wealth and ‘this season’ gear – what colour is on trend? Snowboarders in particular have always been notoriously fashion conscious employing bright luminous colours and vivid geometric prints compared to the more reserved traditional skier. Everyone wants to be noticed if not for their abilities but how loudly they dress. Confidence is a rarely spoken component regarding ski wear, it is evident that when you feel good: you perform better, therefore looking good can also plow you away from unwanted crashes if you are conscious of how you look and aiming to look cool on the slopes.

Finally, perhaps the most important requirement in all sporting equipment is performance, comfort and functionality. These are the fundamental needs of an outer shell when protecting you from the elements. Here is a short checklist of everything a good shell should encompass;

Breathable Fabric – Does it keep the rain/snow and wind chill out and let sweat escape?

Is it waterproof? – In what weather – Dry / Wind / Rain / Blizzard?

Taped Seams – To avoid weakness in your outer shell?

High Collar – To protect your face on a run or on a chairlift?

Long Sleeves – Does it have snow cuffs to keep them in place over gloves?

Under-arm Ventilation?

Does it have an easily accessible lift pass pocket?

Large Hood – Does it cover your helmet? Does it detach?

Snow Skirt – To protect your core layers if you have taken a spill?

Safe Guard Pockets – For valuables or a jack output for headphones?

All of these found requirements will be instrumental in shaping my designs and aesthetics for performance and customer satisfaction if Ponyosquid is to compete with other low cost brands.


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