Degree Project Proposal

This is a rough outline of what I plan on doing for my main module towards my degree show.. I got good initial feedback from my lecturers and really can’t wait to start 😀


Anything I’ve missed?


Project Proposal:

To create a collection of bright and bold ski and snowboard winter shells.

The Art of Flight.



During my feedback of L3 it was highlighted that I have a problem identifying my target market and designing for my client, piggy backing my Design in the Market business proposal I have already gained a substantial amount of market research and technical notes to support this project proposal. I also have several years and an experience skier with an insight into what is required in performance and colour of a ski jacket; identification, visibility and functionality.



Ski and snowboarding apparel is expensive and a necessity on the slopes for safety, comfort, agronomics and warmth, during my research I discovered people are more inclined to settle for dull colour or sacrifice comfort and safety for a cheaper shell as opposed to expensive leading brands such as Oakley. During my market research I found a niche in the market for a Scottish brand to support our flourishing and increasingly popular ski resorts and help support Scottish independence in it’s infancy through advertising, branding and hopefully partnerships with local ski resorts (or at least a selling point for my ski apparel).

How I intend to approach this as a textile designer is simple, I intend to embody all required aspects of a bold, bright, identifiable, cutting edge detailed pattern to produce this collection. I will be experimenting in new techniques such as; water/wind proofing fabric, taped seams, pattern building, block making, Gortex influenced felt making with knit/weave qualities for breathability and aesthetic quality.

Area of Research:

When watching my videos of research from Glenshee I began to notice the patterns skiers leave in the piste behind them, how the move down the slope, eloquence, skill and speed; almost like flying. Using birds as an inspiration I will be able to communicate bright colour and pattern, I will explore how they move through the air and which birds for what terrain.


I have already completed a summer of calendar for Design and the Market which includes initial design ideas, towards block making basic shape for the jacket shells to save time resolving my final outcome at a later date.


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